Sunday, October 18, 2009

Professor Sompohi Baya

Professor Sompohi Baya is an ambassador for "Glalogy".

Working with recycled materials such as plastic water jugs and pvc piping Sompohi creates iconic, mythic structures in the image of Gla.
Gla = is the spirit and identity of "we" society.
The Gla manifests in nature and the work of human beings. Inspired by the spirit of Gla, Professor Sompohi Baya has created Glalogy, and objects in the image of Gla in order to spread the message of "we" society. Once the face of Gla is manifest, one can turn it to see the church, the mosque, the temple, the American Rocket and the Buddha; thus spreading the message of peace and diversity, seeing all people as one.

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