Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jesse Greenberg

Jesse Greenberg writes in his artist statement, "If today’s ATM was yesterday’s water well, then our debit card is the water bucket dipped into our financial pools. These kiosks have existed through time. They are totems to humans functions and portals for interaction, as opposed to grand statues and monuments, which record our achievements and memorialize events from times past. The kiosk is a functional machine sculpted for our actions and necessities."
His works stand as "kiosks" to other worldly interaction; his art inviting the viewer to touch, as with his "touchables", evoking a scenery of candy colored space ships and buttoned maps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brent Cowley

Brent Cowley's newest collage work is an exploration in metaphysics, science fiction, inspiration, double vision, dream state, collective unconsciousness, other worlds, and inter dimensional travel. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Art collective, Bobo is dressing up as vigilante this time as it "blows the whistle" on the lineage of trend and power in their new piece "blood lines".   A paranoid, tongue and cheek dance in semiotics, the group approaches the generational hand off of the symbol's potency and its subversive persuasion tactics in a cross referential family tree of the underground art world, of which they are of course, and ironically embedded within.
A self conscious look at what makes kids popular, "Blood Lines" is an inside piece of cultural anthropology. 

Brian Belott

Brian Belott is a collector, collagist, vocalist, painter, and a damn good cook.  His creativity works in an intricate and delicate web of connection and code and is translated through many mediums with a mathematical mapping staggering towards mythologic reasoning.  Brian's interest in found materials, such as photographs, stems not from a voyeur's gaze but from an anthropologist's obsession to reason human reasoning; to classify intention.  Brian is represented by  Canada Gallery, in New York City. 

"Relics From [the] Other Realms" a new group show

"Art as Porthole" is the theme this time

A Group Show Opening Friday October 23rd in conjunction with the Newark Arts Festival City wide Arts Parade.
A seriously amazing day for everyone!
Parade begins at 4pm
Opening from 6-9pm
After Party 10 - late
Everyone's invited.

Featuring the artwork of:

Brian Belott
Brent Cowley
Jesse Greenberg
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Colt Hausman
Randy Illum
Maximillian Lawrence
Taylor McKimens
Paint co.
Nick Payne
Benjamin Phelan
Ryan Trecartin
Professor Sampohi
Justin Samson
Jonathan Santoro
Tim White Sobieski