Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Callie Konane's "Green Glitter Goddess Topiary"

She is phenomenological, she is textural, she is sensual, she has depth, she makes you want to put your face in her, she is a brushstroke, she is beautiful, she is sensual.

Callie Konane Rickards
Grew up in the sunny brambles of Texas where she would, barefoot and toplessly, chasing her inspirations across the land. Not much has changed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ing On Vibulhan Watts

A Newark Based artist, Ing, originally from Thailand; has been making art for nearly 40 years. Her mythological inspired pieces reflect on Thai folk art and the beauty of nature. She and her husband, Jon Watts, have a print shop and store where they sell handmade pieces as well as treasures from Thailand.

Lizzie Fitch, the soldier baby and the store-bought mom

By creating a sculpture using mass produced, branded materials (ie: jc penny clothing, new balance sneakers, baby army crocs) wearing a wig, Lizzie Fitch created art that not only speaks of a contemporary narrative, but appears to be the messenger as well.

A ghost like figure in the gallery, she bends over backwards baring the breasts of the artist while accompanying a heavy, brittle, hostile child. The unbalance of the mother's stance gives the whole sculpture a deep sense of unease; the New Balance sneakers next to her a meager attempt to restore balance. She has kept all the tags on her purchases just in case she needs to return something. Crumbling next to her, the baby is protected by a caulking gun, comes with a pair of army Crocs (already personalized with plastic animal buttons) but needs to lean on a stack of loose bricks to stay upright. His gun will solve most of his problems, (except in his soft polyester filled center); the Crocs will let him begin his proper training in the army (while still maintaining individuality with his personalized animal buttons). At the ground level is the pillow they share: coated with gravel and smothered in afterbirth.

Whether it is a statement of the artist's process, her feelings on maternity, the plagued notion of raising soldiers, the growing autism birthrate, Sarah Palin, teenage pregnancy, consumerism, comfort, cellulite, authenticity, privacy, or just the double edged sword of creation in general, it has raised these questions and conversations within the time it has been part of the Multi Faceted Female.

Lizzie is represented by Elizabeth Dee gallery, as sculptural partner to film maker Ryan Trecartin. They currently have shows up at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, The New Museum and Fabric Workshop Museum in Philadelphia.

Sculpture, mixed media 5'x2', 2'x2'

Sunday, May 3, 2009


In 1985 Dennis Avner began transforming his image to resemble a tiger, his totem animal through tattooing and plastic surgery. Similarly, in 1990 Jocelyn Wildenstein started undergoing a series of plastic surgeries that gave the public reason to start referring to her as "Cat Woman." Using these two extreme body modification entrepreneurs as inspiration spawned INHUMINAAHUMINI- a facial modification salon you can turn to when you're aching to set yourself apart from the masses or simply change your identity. These are some examples of the endless possibilities.

Katie is a member of the
Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lindsay Beebe, Soft Paintings and Hard Poetry

Lindsay Beebe is a multi faceted artist, working in painting, sculpture, performance, music and life. Her painting seen here is "Jelly Face" and this is a video of her Poetry Reading at the opening.

Lindsay Kovnat's "DNA Cafe"

Lindsay Kovnat
shares her vision of an experimental Diner where one can change their DNA makeup alongside a cup of coffee. This retro futuristic phenomena is just one of many Kovnat brings to life in both her 2D work, sculpture and videos.

Martha Rosler Reads Vogue

Martha Rosler has been a quintessential female force in the art world since the early 60's. In this 1984 video, she reads Vogue magazine outloud; dissecting its intentions, cultural persuasions and roots.

Video, 1984. Distributed by Electronics Arts Intermix .

Rosler is represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Gallery Christian Nagel, and Gallerie Anne de Villepoix

Annie Pearlman's "Landscape"

Some artists create objects, and some artists create space. Annie Pearlman is of the latter. Whenever put in front of paper or canvas, Annie continuously creates wide open surrealistic landscapes. Haunted by cartoon undertones and studio lighting, these "outdoor" scenes are portals into Pearlman's freeforming universe, and often serve as backdrops for her digital videos.

Acrylic on canvas, 2008, 15'x8'

Vashti Windish and her paper costumes

Vashti's costumes exist in an anti-gravity dance of Victorian courtship. The paper embellished headdresses, dresses and shoes float with effortless flirtation. Its easy to feel pretty just being near them.

When Vashti is not art making, she runs Brooklyn Art Gallery, "Live with Animals" and plays with band, "Golden Triangle".
2009, Life sized costumes, mixed media